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Palli Bandhu Unnayan Sangstha (PBUS)a development organization began in development efforts. In 1999,  a group of professionals got convinced that social development is only possible if the problems and crises of the common people are met. They felt that only voluntary attitude and dedication at the micro-level might uplift the standard of life. At the very outset, PBUS began its work at the community level and focused its concentration on education and health care. It grew increasingly and accepted by the local people and project beneficiaries rapidly during the past few years due to its people’s oriented, targeted, durable, and accelerated poverty alleviating programs with the resources it has at its disposal. From the inception of the organization, PBUS has been implementing various social development activities in its project areas all over Bangladesh.

Palli Bandhu Unnayan Sangstha (PBUS) organization started its development activities in 2001 for the disadvantaged and poor people of rural areas. As a development organization PBUS aims to establish a just and equitable society, eliminating the oppression and injustice of the poor. To achieve the goal PBUS has been striving to equip the poor, powerless people in unite through institution building, awareness-raising, and establishing the right of access to institutional resources. Poor people can repay the loan in time’ – is now a proven truth, even though the access to the financial institution is often denied due to many rules and hazards. But PBUS believes that economic empowerment is a vital factor of all development concerns sots that economic developments apprehend the prime concentration in PBUS development strategy.

PBUS is also committed to carrying out a lot of programs for the development of quality of life and the betterment of the living conditions of underprivileged people. It aims at the welfare of the people and the care of the environment. It believes that taking care of our natural and human resources is salutary for sustainable development that would leave a better Bangladesh for the next generation to come.

The main strategies to implement these goals are organizing the rural and the urban poor, helping them to undertake self-employment-based productive activities supported by a credit program and skill-based training, and increasing capital formation through a saving scheme.

 In the backdrop of the above scenario, the Social Development Organization (PBUS), a non-governmental, non-profitable, and non-political development organization was funded in 2001 at the initiatives of a group of concerned citizens. This group is comprised of benevolent people from different professions.

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