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The landless poor of Bangladesh have traditionally depended on agricultural activities to earn their livelihood. As elsewhere in Bangladesh Savar Thana Under Dhaka is one of the agriculturally based areas and besides this many people are dependent on day labour. However, with population pressure and rapid changes in the agriculture structure employment opportunities have become limited for newcomers in the labour force. More than 80% of the rural labour force needs to find jobs outside agriculture but most of them lack the education and skills required for industrial or productive services. PBUS has been providing credit and technical support to group members for undertaking and operating though the credit encourages its members to encourage in income-generating activities like poultry, livestock, fish culture, small trading, cow rearing, goat rearing, paddy husking, food processing and individual types of producing activities and thus they become able to increase the income of their family. PBUS provide credit support at a range of Tk. 5,000 to Tk. 100,000 person and receives service charged a rate 27% of the credit amount provided for income generation activities, credit recovery rate is 100% in time.


Unit wise group members and saving information are shown below :

 District covered  Thana covered  Union covered  Ward covered  Group covered Loanee covered Disbursement

amount Tk.

04 10 80 435 1629 8139 226,720,000/-


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