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Expectation of PBUS

  • PBUS Originated by the Disadvantage, Honest, Protester Women.
  • Inquisitiveness & Innovativeness are encouraged.
  • Bottom-up approach (Grass root Opinion Collection System Exercise Mandatory)
  • Participatory Management (Action Order of Highest Authority is always amendable within a period).
  • Democratic Operation (Global Meeting i.e. MCM, CCM, DCM, AGM, GBM, THMM, GAM, CMM Meeting Decisions are coming up from each area as powerful decisions).
  • Free access and right to investigate PBUS activities by any Citizen of Bangladesh partly or fully.
  • Inclusive Open Style AGM.
  • Decentralized Management (Domain Chief has every right to implement anything under rules).
  • Zero Tolerance to Corruption, Exercise Penalty, Low-performance Deduction (LPD), and Duel Service Deduction (DSD).
  • Good Governance, Transparency, and Accountability
  • Highest priority on ethical conduct (honesty, dedication, commitment, integrity).
  • Strongly focused on Women’s emancipation, Empowerment, and Development.
  • Positive Gender Discrimination to Women.
  • Personal asset returns of employees are mandatory
  • Access to Information, Exercise open style action register.
  • The family assets file of Founder’s Executive Director is open to all citizens of Bangladesh.

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