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Legislative Authority

PBUSS is a formal service provider registered by the different government departments/directorates and Joint-stock companies to carry out socio-economic development activities for its beneficiaries. Also, it has been certified and regulated by the Micro Credit Regulatory Authority (MRA) of the Bangladesh Government.

1. Reg. DHA-07486, Dated- 07.12.2003 (Amended). Social Welfare Department.
2 Reg. 2878, Dated- 14-08-2019. NGO Affairs Bureau
3 Reg. No. S-8634(655)/2009 Dated-06/01/2009. Joint Stock Companies
4 Affiliate No-03, Dated- 18-06-2012 Health & Family Planning Directorate
5 Juoja/Dhaka-669/2009 Dated: 18-10-2009. Dept. of Youth Development
6 Cer. No. 00277-04240-00383 Date: 23.02.2009 Micro Credit Regulatory Authority (MRA)

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